Add Team Members

Because teams are inserted with shortcodes it can be added to any page any post, and any content type that will accept shortcodes.
  • Marcy Telfer

    President and CEO

  • Chef John Patrick Telfer


  • Joanie Powell

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Emily Rose

    Senior Sales Manager

  • Kellyn Browning

    Sales and Event Manger

  • Mandi Tuner

    Venue Sales and Event Manager

  • Greg Whitley

    Director of Operations

  • Heather Philbrick

    Assistant Sales Coordinator

  • Adam Snyder

    Executive Chef

  • Troy Hanna

    Sous Chef

  • Kevin Magner

    Sous Chef

Adding team pages requires 5 easy steps.

  1. Create a category to group all the team items that belong together.
  2. Add your team posts.
  3. Add your team category to the post.
  4. Click to open your shortcode manager.
  5. Insert the team shortcode.